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100G ZR QSFP28 Coherent DCO Transceivers
100G ZR QSFP28 Coherent DCO Transceivers


100G ZR QSFP28 Coherent DCO Transceivers

Ascent Optics’ QSP-100COTU-H2CL Coherent 100ZR pluggable module is designed to simplify the deployment of 100Gbit/s services at the optical edge, where 10Gbit/s services are currently operating. With a new purpose-built DSP co-developed by ADVA and II-VI Incorporated, a standards-compliant QSFP28 form factor and 5W power consumption, it empowers any device with a standard QSFP28 port to directly transport 100Gbit/s services on unamplified as well as amplified DWDM links. Our Coherent 100ZR pluggable module uses the same design rules as 10Gbit/s optical interfaces, and therefore enables overlays of 100Gbit/s services without the need to re-engineer links. With its full C-band DWDM tunability and automatic wavelength tuning technology, it minimizes operational complexity and inventory. Furthermore, both C-temp and I-temp variations are available, enabling deployment in central offices as well as in outdoor locations, such as street cabinets. Engineered to meet optical edge demands, our Coherent 100ZR facilitates the adoption of 100Gbit/s coherent technology at the edge, and enables a smooth and cost-efficient upgrade of existing 10Gbit/s-based edge aggregation networks.

Country Of Origin : China

Delivery Time : Consult the account manager

Dimensions (LxWxH ) : 120.77*18.5*13.2

Net weight : 0.043kg


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Product Details
Part No. QSP-100COTU-H2CL Form Factor QSFP28
Data Rate 100G Distance 120KM
Wavelength Coherent Operation Temperature 0 to 70°C (32 to 158°F)
Connector Duplex LC Voltage 3.3V
Cable Type SMF DDM Yes
Transmitter Type Tunable Coherent Laser Receiver Type PIN
TX Power .-10~-6.0dBm Receiver Sensitivity < -12.0dBm
Protocols QSFP28 MSA Warranty 3 years
Key Features
Digital Coherent Optics module, hot-pluggable QSFP28 form factor IEEE 100G Ethernet (CAUI-4) or ITU-T 100G OTN (OTL4.4) compliant host interface 100G optical coherent interface with DP-DQPSK modulation and Staircase FEC per IEEE Std. 802.3-2022 100GBASE-ZR or ITU-T G.709.2 Transmission reach: Up to 80km unamplified (loss limited) Up to 120km amplified (dispersion limited, optionally extendable to 300km) Full C-band tunable, 50GHz or 100GHz grid with option FlexTune™ automatic wavelength tuning Case temperature range 0°C to 70°C (C-temp) or -40°C to 85°C (I-temp) Typical module power dissipation < 5W Remote digital diagnostics monitoring
Access and aggregation networks Cable TV networks Wireless front-haul & mid-haul

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