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32G SFP+

32G SFP+

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AscentOptics' 32G FC SFP+ transceivers are suitable for 16G/32G Fibre Channel (16GFC/32GFC) and 25G Ethernet applications. They are designed for 25/28G Gbps links over multi-mode or single-mode fiber. They are compliant to IEEE 802.3by, SFF-8472 Rev 12.2 and SFF-8402, and compatible with SFF-8432 and applicable portions of SFF-8431 Rev. 4.1. 32G Fiber Channel SFP+ (Small Form-Factor Pluggable 28) Transceivers supports 14.025/28.05G Fibre Channel specifications. It’s suitable for use with 32G SAN switches, routers, network interface cards (NICs), and other storage networking equipment. AscentOptics 32G FC SFP+ products include 32G SW 100M over multimode fiber and 32G LW 10km over singlemode fiber. To expand the fiber channel networking capacity and link distance. The 32G FC SFP+ BIDI 10km, 20km, 40km and 32G FC CWDM DWDM 15KM LR are also supported.

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Data Rate Distance Wavelength Connector
32G Fiber Channel SFP
32G SFP+ SW 850nm 100m Transceivers SFP-32MM85-1HC 32G SFP+ SW 850nm 100m Transceivers 32G/ps 100M 850nm Duplex LC Download
32G SFP+ LW 1310nm 10km Transceivers SFP-32SM31-10C 32G SFP+ LW 1310nm 10km Transceivers 32G/ps 10KM 1310nm Duplex LC Download