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AscentOptics' CFP-DCO is designed based on dual polarization quadrature phase shift keying (DP-QPSK) or dual polarization quadrature amplitude modulation (DP-16QAM), supporting extended C-band, polarization diversity coherent detection and advanced electronic link equalization. It is a digital coherent optical transceiver module designed for 100G Ethernet and OTN OTU4 links reach up to 120km-1200km over SMF, with CAUI and OTL4.10 electrical interface and MDIO management interface built in the module. 100G CFP DCO uses advanced commercial 16nm DSP (Digital Signal Processors). AscentOptics’ CFP DCO supports 100/200Gbps transmission speeds in an industry-standard, pluggable CFP form factor with 16nm DSP and can be widely used in metro carrier, access and Cloud/DCI applications.

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Data Rate Distance Wavelength Connector
100G CFP DCO Coherent Transceivers CFP-100COTU-3KCL 100G CFP DCO Coherent Transceivers 100G 3000KM Coherent Duplex LC Download
100G/200G Coherent 200G CFP DCO  Transceivers CFP-200COTU-80CL 100G/200G Coherent 200G CFP DCO Transceivers 200G 80-1000KM Coherent Duplex LC Download