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SFP+ Active Optical Cable (AOC) is a 10Gbps solution to 10G Ethernet, and high-performance computing applications. The integrated cable transmits 10Gbps data in each direction over a loose tube fiber with distance up to 100m. The AOC is SFP+ MSA compliance, low power consumption and lightweight.


  10Gigabit Ethernet

  Data center cabling infrastructure

  Storage Area Networks( SAN)

  Network Attached Storage

  Storage Servers

  8G Fibre Channel (8GFC), Fibre Channel over Ethernet (FCoE)

  Data Center BridgingInfiniBand (QDR/DDR/SDR)

  Converged Enhanced Ethernet Data Centers

  High Performance Computing

  Proprietary Interconnects




Part No. Form Factor Data Rate Distance Wavelength Connector Media Download
AOC-10GSFP-P1M SFP+ 10G/ps 1M OM1 SFP+/SFP+ Active
AOC-10GSFP-P3M SFP+ 10G/ps 3M OM1 SFP+/SFP+ Active
AOC-10GSFP-P5M SFP+ 10G/ps 5M OM1 SFP+/SFP+ Active
AOC-10GSFP-P7M SFP+ 10G/ps 7M OM1 SFP+/SFP+ Active
AOC-10GSFP-P10M SFP+ 10G/ps 10M OM1 SFP+/SFP+ Active
AOC-10GSFP-P15M SFP+ 10G/ps 15M OM1 SFP+/SFP+ Active
AOC-10GSFP-P20M SFP+ 10G/ps 20M OM1 SFP+/SFP+ Active
AOC-10GSFP-P50M SFP+ 10G/ps 50M OM1 SFP+/SFP+ Active

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