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Product  Features:  
   Laser Class 1
   X2 MSA compliant
   VCSEL, DFB or EA-DFB transmitter
   PIN-PD or APD with CDR
   IEEE 802.3ae compliant electrical interface
   Alarms, controls and performance monitoring functions
   Power supply 5V/3.3V/APS 1.2V
   RoHS Compliant
   Metropolitan area network
   Building vertical riser
   Inter and Intra Campus
   Data Centers

10G X2 Transceiver
Part No. Form Factor Data Rate Distance Wavelength Connector Media Download
AO2-8192-SR X2 10.3Gb/s 300M 850nm SC MM
AO2-3192-LR X2 10.3Gb/s 10km 1310nm SC SM
AO2-3192-LW X2 9.95Gb/s 10km 1310nm SC SM
AO2-3192-LRM X2 10.3Gb/s 220M 1310nm SC MM
AO2-5192-ER X2 10.3Gb/s 40km 1550nm SC SM
AO2-5192-ZR X2 10.3Gb/s 80km 1550nm SC SM
AO2-CXXXX-R40 X2 10.3Gb/s 40km CWDM XXXXnm SC SM
AO2-CXXXX-R80 X2 10.3Gb/s 80km CWDM XXXXnm SC SM
AO2-DXX-R40 X2 10.3Gb/s 40km DWDM CHXX SC SM
AO2-DXX-R80 X2 10.3Gb/s 80km DWDM CHXX SC SM

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