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Product Features:
   8GFC and 10Gbit/s data rates
   Laser Class 1
   SFP+ MSA Compliant
   Very low power consumption(<1W)
   Management Digital Optical Monitoring
   10G Serial Electrical I/F
   Superior high temperature performance
   Rack to rack

10G SFP+ Transceiver
Part No. Form Factor Data Rate Distance Wavelength Connector Media Download
AO+-8192-SR SFP+ 10G/ps 300M 850nm LC MM
AO+-3192-LR SFP+ 10G/ps 10km 1310nm LC SM
AO+-3192-LR02 SFP+ 10G/ps 2km 1310nm LC SM
AO+-3192-LRM SFP+ 10G/ps 220M 1310nm LC MM
AO+-5192-ER SFP+ 10G/ps 40km 1550nm LC SM
AO+-3192-ER SFP+ 10G/ps 40km 1310nm LC SM
AO+-5192-ZR SFP+ 10G/ps 80km 1550nm LC SM
AO+-5192-EZR100 SFP+ 10G/ps 100km 1550nm LC SM
AO+-5192-EZR120 SFP+ 10G/ps 120km 1550nm LC SM
AO+-CXXXX-R40C SFP+ 10G 40km 1470~1610nm CWDM LC SM
AO+-CXXXX-R40x SFP+ 10G/ps 40km 1270-1410nm CWDM LC SM
AO+-CXXXX-R80 SFP+ 10G/ps 80km 1470~1610nm CWDM LC SM
AO+-CXXXX-R100 SFP+ 10G/ps 100km 1470~1610nm CWDM LC SM
AO+-DXX-R40 SFP+ 10G/ps 40km DWDM CHXX LC SM
AO+-DXX-R80 SFP+ 10G/ps 80km DWDM CHXX LC SM
AO+-DXX-R100 SFP+ 10G/ps 100km DWDM CHXX LC SM
AO+-DTXX-R80 SFP+ 10G/ps 80km Tunable DWDM LC SM
AO+-Cxxxx-R20 SFP+ 10G/ps 20km 1270~1330nm CWDM LC SM
AO+-Cxxxx-R60 SFP+ 10G/ps 60KM 1270~1330nm CWDM LC SM
AO+-Cxxxx-R10 SFP+ 10G/ps 10km 1470~1570nm CWDM LC SM
AO+-WDM13-R20 SFP+ 10G/ps 20km 1330nm LC SM
AO+-WDM12-R20 SFP+ 10G/ps 20km 1270nm LC SM
AO+-WDM13-R40 SFP+ 10G/ps 40km 1330nm LC SM
AO+-WDM12-R40 SFP+ 10G/ps 40km 1270nm LC SM
AO+-WDM13-R60 SFP+ 10G/ps 60km 1330nm LC SM
AO+-WDM12-R60 SFP+ 10G/ps 60km 1270nm LC SM
AO+-WDM13-R70 SFP+ 10G/ps 70km 1310nm LC SM
AO+-WDM12-R70 SFP+ 10G/ps 70km 1270nm LC SM
AO+-WDM14-R80 SFP+ 10G/ps 80km 1490nm LC SM
AO+-WDM15-R80 SFP+ 10G/ps 80km 1570nm LC SM
AO+-WDM13-R10 SFP+ 10G/ps 10km 1270nm LC SM
AO+-WDM12-R10 SFP+ 10G/ps 10km 1270nm LC SM
AOT-10GP-S SFP 10G/ps 30m N/A N/A N/A
AO+-3192-LRS SFP+ 10G/ps 10km 1310nm LC SM

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