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   Up to 25.78125 Gbps data rate

   Up to 5 meter transmission

   Hot-pluggable SFP 20PIN footprint

   Improved Pluggable Form Factor(IPF)

   compliant for enhanced EMI/EMC


   Compatible to SFP28 MSA

   Compatible to SFF-8402 and SFF-8432

   Temperature Range: 0~ 70 C

   RoHS Compatible


    25G Ethernet



Part No. Form Factor Data Rate Distance Wavelength Connector Media Download
CAB-25GSFP28-P1M SFP+ 25G/ps 1M AWG 30 SFP+/SFP+ Passive
CAB-25GSFP28-P2M SFP+ 25G/ps 2M AWG 30 SFP+/SFP+ Passive
CAB-25GSFP28-P3M SFP+ 25G/ps 3M AWG 30/26 SFP+/SFP+ Passive
CAB-25GSFP28-P4M SFP+ 25G/ps 4M AWG 26 SFP+/SFP+ Passive
CAB-25GSFP28-P5M SFP+ 25G/ps 5M AWG 26 SFP+/SFP+ Passive

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