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   Compatible with CPRl option10 24.33Gbps and 25GBASE 25.78Gbps

   100M,10KM CWDM DWDM optional

   SFP28 MSA compliant

   Built-in digital diagnostic functions

   Single +3.3V power supply

   Operating case temperature:-40 to +85 or 0 to +70

   RoHS 6 Compliant




   24.33Gbps CPRl


25G SFP28
Part No. Form Factor Data Rate Distance Wavelength Connector Media Download
AOPP-825G-SR SFP+ 25G/ps 100m 850nm LC SM
AOPP-325G-LR SFP+ 25G/ps 10km 1310nm LC SM
AOPP-325G-R003 SFP+ 25G/ps 300m 1310nm LC SM
AOPP-B1225G-R003 SFP+ 25G/ps 300m 1270nm TX / 1330nm RX LC SM
AOPP-B1225G-R10 SFP+ 25G/ps 10KM 1270nm TX / 1330nm RX LC SM
AOPP-B1325G-R003 SFP+ 25G/ps 300M 1330nm TX / 1270nm RX LC SM
AOPP-B1325G-R10 SFP+ 25G/ps 10KM 1330nm TX / 1270nm RX LC SM
AOPP-Cxx25G-LR SFP+ 25G/ps 10km 1270~1370nm LC SM

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