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OADM(Optical Add Drop Multiplexer) ModuleOptical add/drop Multiplexer are available on ITU channel spacing of 100GHz ,20nm they are based on thin film filtertechnology and flexible integration of taps and detectors for acomplete dense wavelength division multiplexing solution.It can be used for CWDM and DWDM optical network.


Channel Add/Drop


Wavelength Routing

Fiber Optical amplifier

CATV fiberoptic System

DWDM OADM Dual Fiber
Part No. Form Factor Data Rate Distance Wavelength Connector Media Download
AO-DWOADM-1 ABS/LGX/ 19ĦħRack N/A N/A 1 DWDM N/A Passive
AO-DWOADM-2 ABS/LGX/ 19ĦħRack N/A N/A 2 DWDM N/A Passive

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