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AscentOptics¡¯s DWDMs are based on thin film filter technology and core of packaged.Packaging options include fiber type and integration of aps and detectors for a complete Coarse Wavelength Division Multiplexing solution. The products are Telcordia GR-1221-CORE qualified, and RoHS compliant.with Low Insertion Loss,Wide pass band,High Channel Isolation,High Stability and reliability and Epoxy-free on Optical Path.


Channel Add/Drop

DWDM Network

Wavlength Routing

Fiber Optical Amplifier

CATV fiberoptic System


DWDM MUX/DE Single Fiber
Part No. Form Factor Data Rate Distance Wavelength Connector Media Download
AO-DWDM-BIDI-4 ABS/LGX/ 19¡±Rack N/A N/A 4 DWDM N/A Passive
AO-DWDM-BIDI-8 ABS/LGX/ 19¡±Rack N/A N/A 8 DWDM N/A Passive
AO-DWDM-BIDI-16 ABS/LGX/ 19¡±Rack N/A N/A 16 DWDM N/A Passive

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