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With the popularity of global smartphones and the accelerated deployment of 4G networks and 5G future planning, mobile data traffic is exploding. This trend has spurred the rapid development of the optical communication interface market, in which optical modules are optical link communication. The core component is responsible for photoelectric signal conversion. Its purpose is to achieve efficient transmission at high speed and long distance, while considering saving core resources and reducing investment in network construction. For the wireless network, Ascent Optics provides professional SFP GE, SFP+ 6/10GE, SFP+ Bidi 1.25/6/10G optical module solutions, which improves the flexibility of operator deployment and reduces network construction and maintenance costs. For the deployment of 5G in the future, the company has accumulated technology and layout on 200G and 400G optical module products to meet the needs of operators' wireless networks now and in the future. 

A single-fiber bidirectional and passive WDM scheme is provided for the scenario where the wireless cable is insufficient. The single-fiber bidirectional solution can realize the service of two fibers carried by one fiber in a common module, and the passive WDM scheme realizes a single fiber through CWDM/DWDM technology. Transfer multiple services.

















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